Food & Beverage Management

Eight88 Hospitality offers a specialized Food & Beverage Management Team that will enhance every establishment, be it in a hotel or a stand-alone restaurant. Our varied portfolio of projects highlights our ability to conceptualize, create, and reinforce unique creative concepts that contain narrative structures filled with purpose, personality, and attention to detail. Each project requires an individualized approach in order to strengthen the concept, brand, and overall success. One of our team’s greatest strengths is their ability to create and execute unique creative concepts that are evident in all touchpoints of the business, from décor and branding to menu selection and staffing. Just as we do with our Hotel Management services, our Food & Beverage program off 4 cornerstones: Menu Selection, Buying Principals, Marketing & Branding, and HR & Risk Management.


Menu Selection

This is one of the most crucial items for a venue or restaurant as it dictates the design, plate ware, pricing, and ethos of the business. We believe a heightened attention to detail from the most basic level (such as the ingredients used) is a building block of any establishment's success. Since menus are a living item that should change and mature, we will work with our clients and partners to ensure a collective standing point from day one and beyond. Menu selections are an important reflection of each venue’s personality and should align directly with operations as well as profitability, budget creation and freshness for guests and their continued experiences at each establishment.

Buying Principals

Food and beverage costs are an interegal part of the menu selection process. This includes neighborhood availability of food products, vendor special offerings, turnaround times, etc. These details play a big role in the kitchen’s ability to execute the desired menu. It will also play a critical role in management’s ability to price and consistently deliver what the client and ownership are expecting. With our existing vendor relationships, Michelin-rated chefs, and contacts throughout the United States, these buying principals become part of each kitchen’s Standard Operating Procedures and provide streamlined, cost effective ordering for all of our partners.

Marketing / Branding

In today's market, hotel restaurants are lucky to break even. Our innovative perspective treats each restaurant and/or venue as its own independent operation. In doing this, each department can is individually accountable for its revenues and profits. This also mandates that the hotel and restaurant each carry their own identity that seamlessly integrates with the overall property. It is this individual identity that we market, brand, and help incorporate.

Operations & Risk Management

Risk Managment starts on day 1. Both Operations and Risk Managment must work hand in hand to provide not only a safe environment for team members, but also protection for owners and managers while providing guests with a consistently impressive experience. With an in-house legal department and corporate guidance, we help ensure the following are never overlooked and always at the forefront of our operations: proper insurance coverage, team member paperwork, workplace postings, certifications, website and onsite ADA guidelines, carrier selection, along with wage and hour management. These are the easiest areas to glance over and not be vigilant, but also create the most liability.  Investing in Human Capital is the building block for our success and longevity.